Edible Delicacy of Bird's Nest Soup

Edible Delicacy of Bird's Nest Soup

Bird’s Nest Soup has been enjoyed for hundreds of years by the Chinese culture, and now this wonderful delicacy is available worldwide. While the idea of eating a bird’s nest and various bird’s nest products is at first startling, those who partake in this special delicacy food enjoy it for a variety of reasons. These unique nests are carefully and perfectly built by swallows along the humid cliffs and steep rock formations of Southeast Asia (from the Philippines to Indonesia). The swallows, also called swiftlets, form the nests using strands of gelatinous saliva that harden into a fibrous material. It is this material that responsible for some world-renowned edible products with incredible health properties.

Bird Nest Benefits

This one-of-a-kind product from nature is known to have a multitude of nutritious benefits. Researchers found that edible bird’s nests could boost the immune system of mice that had compromising health issues. According to Golden Nest, studies revealed that the saliva-based fibers in the nests are woven with a special protein that accelerates B cell production thereby also boosting the immune system in humans. Look at these exciting bird nest and bird nest soup benefits:

  • Amino Acids – for increased muscle growth and regulated immune system
  • Calcium – for building strong bones and helping with heart, nerve and muscle function
  • Estradiol Hormone – for managing menopause symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes; helps with incontinence
  • Iron – for help with cognition, muscle health, oxygen circulation, anemia, fatigue, and insomnia
  • Phosphorus – for help with bone growth, digestion, toxin elimination, arthritis, brain function, and fatigue
  • Potassium – for help with blood pressure, the nervous system, fluid regulation, improved bone health, and stress
  • Sodium – for help with nerve impulses, body fluid balance, muscle contractions, and blood pressure (sodium may need to be lowered to help with blood pressure)
  • Testosterone Hormone – for increased libido, improved mood, lowering body fat, stronger bones, and improved heart and blood
  • Water-Soluble Protein – for help in adding to the body water-soluble protein in place of fat-soluble protein

Bird’s nest products such as nests, soups, and drinks are known to promote eye health and improve vision, increase virility through cell growth, and contribute to the well-being of men, women and children in a variety of ways.

Essential Hormones for Men and Women

Swallow nests of Southeast Asia are rich with essential hormones that are manufactured into a variety of bird’s nest products including bird’s nests, swallow nest soup and swallow nest beverages. The two main hormones helpful to humans include estradiol and testosterone. Historical research shows that estradiol is used to treat women’s symptoms of menopause, help with the prevention of osteoporosis, and treat some cancer patients. In men, testosterone is used to promote muscle growth, increase libido, help with fat loss, support cognitive function, and help fight depression. While these delicate bird’s nests have a low concentration of the hormones compared with prescription drugs, they are shown to be beneficial when consumed in bird’s nest drinks and bird’s nest soups.

A Rare and Delicious Delicacy

If the health benefits aren’t enough to pique your interest, perhaps the fact that swallow nests are a rare and delicious delicacy will get your attention. Chefs, restaurants, and home consumers across the globe are ordering Bird’s Nests, Bird’s Nest Soup, and Bird’s Nest Drinks to please palettes with these rare and wonderful treats. A traditional bird’s nest soup is a valued specialty item that has recently become a worldwide phenomenon. These tiny yet nutritious swallow’s nests have been labeled as the “caviar of the east.”

In fact, birds nests have become so popular that companies are attempting to reproduce the nests with fake ingredients and pass them off as authentic. This rare and delicious delicacy cannot be replicated outside of nature, so be certain to purchase bird’s nest products from a reputable source. The replicas do not have the health benefits described in the special saliva of the swallow. Swallow nest soup and swallow bird nest drinks are rare finds and authenticity may come at a high price, but it’s worth it. This is a bird nest Chinese delicacy.

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